Which IP Should Use In SPF DNS Record

Hi dear friends,
Here is my domain : bitcoindoubler.cf
As you see my main ip is hide from intodns.com
intodns.com shows CloudfFlare ips instead of my main ip : www.bitcoindoubler.cf [] []
My main ip is : blo.blo.blo.blo
Here you can check my SPF DNS record : spf-checker

Here is the result of spf-checker :
*Error : Invalid IP address found in the SPF record.
*Warning : You shouldn’t use PTR lookups as they are deprecated
*Warning : We advise not to use CIDR ranges between /0 and /15.

1- Which IP Should I Use In SPF DNS Record? Mine or CloudfFlare ips!!!
2- Also CloudfFlare has two ips. Are they static?
2- Which online tool on the net show me the main ip, No cloudflare ones?

Thanks in advance

Your own.

Somewhat. They are pretty static but do change from time to time.

There is no such tool. The address is only shown in your DNS control panel.

Thanks sandro
So should i ignore that error?

You mean the invalid address? I dont know what that is referring to. Maybe your CIDR /32 entry, which is not necessary in this case anyhow though.

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Thanks sandro
Man you are so fast.
Now in spf-checker error vanished.

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