Which images were served via Cloudflare Images

We need to know which images are served via Cloudflare images. We stopped using this functionality but still getting some 800+ images served / month. How can we get a list of images served by cloudflare from our account within 1 month (one billing cycle)

We still have images in Cloudflare images saved BUT don’t want to delete them UNTIL we don’t know which are still used.


Thank you for contacting the Cloudflare Community. I’ll be glad to assist you.

You can get a list of images served by referring to our documentation here: Cloudflare API Documentation

In our API docs, we share this example:

“errors”: ,
“messages”: ,
“result”: {
“images”: [
“filename”: “logo.png”,
“id”: “107b9558-dd06-4bbd-5fef-9c2c16bb7900”,
“meta”: {
“key”: “value”
“requireSignedURLs”: true,
“uploaded”: “2014-01-02T02:20:00.123Z”,
“variants”: [
“success”: true

That returns the file name and the ID.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have other questions.

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