Which cookies does Security add?


I am in Europe so I need to comply the GDPR, and inform visitors exactly which cookies are going from my website.

I bought the security plan (paid once, not a monthly plan), it said it provides DDos security and better CDN speed.

So I need to know, for these services I bought, exactly which cookies there may be. I know the _cfduid is one, but i need to know with more precision which cookies may come from the service I bought.

I read in Cloudflare web, all possible cookies are there, but I need to know which ones only for the stuff that I have.

Thank you in advance.

The documentation is here:

Load Balancing, Bot Management and Rate Limiting have associated cookies:

The _ cflb, _cf_bm, and _cfduid cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services

Always Online also has associated cookies, but I’m unsure if they could be called strictly necessary.

Thank you very much. That’s where i saw all possible cookies, thank you for the extra info, it helps, although I’m unsure which of them apply in my case, for the services I bought (DDos protection & CDN speed improved)

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If you are not using any products like Load Balancing, etc. then you will only have the __cfduid cookie.

In my case, we included some CF cookies in our policy that we do not currently use, but that are in our playbooks to deal with certain issues if they arise.