Which certificate should I choose for Full (strict)?

The hosting offers for installation Let’s Encrypt, GoGetSSL and Self Signed (not trusted).

Which of these is the best one I need to choose?

Let’s Encrypt is already sufficient for the purpose, and it’s free.

GoGetSSL might have some charges but I’m not sure.

Do not use self-signed cert.

Anyway, it’s good to know that you are looking for Full (strict) option.


Let’s Encrypt and GoGetSSL are provided by hosting for free, only then you need to remember to renew them.

Which one is cooler? :slight_smile:

And where else can I register CNAME to get a certificate: on a hosting or in a Cloudflare account with a gray cloud?

That’s good to hear!

If you want to get rid of this issue you can actually generate and use the Cloudflare Origin Certificate with a long validity that allows you to install in your hosting provider, but your hosting provider must allow you to do that first :grin:

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Hosting does not allow installing Cloudflare certificates :frowning:

Which of the two is better?

Since both of them are free, then you can go for the one that can provide a longer validity period (usually Let’s Encrypt only has 3 months validity so probably GoGetSSL can stay longer?)

Edit: looks like GoGetSSL can have 13 months of validity:

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and that and that for 3 months, but for Let’s Encrypt 2 CNAME records are registered and they are always valid, to renew it, you just need to re-release it on the hosting

and for GoGetSSL 1 CNAME is given, BUT with each certificate reissue it will change and it will need to be changed in DNS

I probably need to choose Let’s Encrypt?

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Interesting. I’m not really familiar with GoGetSSL so I can’t give you suitable advice based on GoGetSSL. Looks like Let’s Encrypt might be a better option for you.


I will do so, thank you

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