Which A/MX records should I keep?

I don’t want to screw up my domain configuration but I have lots of records (mostly A) that point at the IP address for my old web host. I’m not using these anymore; I’m self-hosting now. Can I safely delete anything that points at that IP? Which records should I definitely not mess with?

As you’re self-hosted, you should only have IP addresses for the services you’re still using. The website itself is usually pretty easy to figure out. It’s the email and any other records that are tricky. They should always match your current service host’s recommended DNS records.

Thanks for the quick response, sdayman! I think I’ve got the MX stuff worked out. I’m using ImprovMX to forward all incoming mail to a gmail account and I’m using an SMTP relay (Mailjet - because my ISP blocks port 25) for outgoing mail. The ones I’m unsure about are all A, SRV, and TXT records…

A cpcontacts
A smtp
A webdisk
A whm
SRV _autodiscover
SRV _caldavs
SRV _caldav
SRV _carddavs
SRV _carddav
TXT _caldavs
TXT _caldav
TXT _carddavs
TXT _carddav

With the exception of the “smtp” entry, that all looks specific to cPanel. Granted, even the smtp entry was probably set up by cPanel. I’d get rid of that one, too. I only have three “A” records: @, www, and mail. Plus MX and TXT records…but nothing from your list.

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Yeah, that smtp record was pointing at the IP address for the old web host so I deleted it. I went ahead and deleted everything that pointed at that IP address - but what about these? (They look like they could be important.)

TXT _caldavs._tcp path=/ Auto DNS only Edit
TXT _caldav._tcp path=/ Auto DNS only Edit
TXT _carddavs._tcp path=/ Auto DNS only Edit
TXT _carddav._tcp path=/ Auto DNS only Edit

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