Which A & AAAA records do I need for Bulk Redirect?

Simple question, but the answer doesn’t seem to show on the Bulk Redirect page (at least not on mobile)

I want to redirect.http://ABC.domain.com/ to http://domain.com/

Which A & AAAA records should I set up for ABC.domain.com? :nerd_face:

You’ll need DNS records for both domain names. domain.com will need to point to your actual origin IP(s); abc.domain.com can point to a dummy IP if you want to, it doesn’t matter since you’re going to be asking Cloudflare to rediret all the traffic away from it anyway. The abc.domain.com DNS entry must be orange-clouded. The domain.com DNS entry can be either orange-clouded or grey-clouded.

A or AAAA – for grey-clouded DNS entries this will be dictated by whether your origin has an IPV4 IP, and IPV6 IP, or both. If you have both you should create DNS entries for both.

For orange clouded DNS entries, it’s a little different, because whether you create A, AAAA, or both, Cloudflare with always resolve the DNS name to its own IPV4 and IPV6 IPs. So that both IPV4 and IPV6 users will be able to connect, even if your origin is IPV4-only or IPV6-only. The decision on which to create is based on how you want Cloudflare’s proxy to connect to your origin (and hence is irrelevant if you’re just going to be redirecting the traffic with page rules or bulk redirects). Currently if you create both A and AAAA, and you’re orange-clouded, Cloudflare will only connect to your origin via IPV4. So if you prefer Cloudflare to connect to your origin via IPV6, only create AAAA. Again, IPV4 visitors will still be able to access.

If you’re creating a DNS entry to only be used for Cloudflare redirection, with no traffic actually passing to an origin, the simplest way is to create an A record point to a dummy IP. I personally use (part of a reserved block) but really doesn’t matter.

(Personally I wish the Cloudflare DNS page had a “no origin” checkbox so you wouldn’t have to put in a dummy IP, only usable with orange-clouded entries obviously, but oh well, maybe someday)


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