Whether to support China's acceleration

  1. If our servers in China, can cloud flare support the acceleration when users in other countries visit the server?

  2. If our servers in Singapore, can cloud flare support the acceleration when users in China visit the server?

  3. What is the difference between dns on cloud flare and dns on others like dnspod?

  4. Can I contact you in a more convenient way, such as skype and wechat?


Here is information regarding service in and out of China. Short answer: China and Non-China are effectively two separate markets/products.

From what I see of DNSPod, they offer DNS service for your domain. So does Cloudflare, but Cloudflare also provides CDN and a Firewall.

To reach Cloudflare, there is a US Phone number: 1 (888) 99 FLARE, but otherwise, no live chat type support. You could also try them on Twitter @cloudflare


On the third question, I would like to ask whether dns on dnspod will affect other businesses like firewall. If i use the dnspod, i should create a CNAME record on dnspod to send the request to cloud flare. The request will be checked by cloud flare and if passed, cloud flare will send it to our servers. Is it? @sdayman


And the shared SSL certificate isn’t trusted by Chrome, can I deploy my certificate on my server and then access it via https? Still must upload my certificate in cloud flare @sdayman


You can’t use dnspod and Cloudflare at the same time. To use Cloudflare’s acceleration and protection, you need to use Cloudflare’s DNS.

Which shared SSL certificate isn’t trusted by Chrome? It is best if your server has its own certificate, and then Cloudflare will have its own certificate for your visitors. You don’t need to add your own certificate to Cloudflare.


I’ll try it. Thaks @sdayman

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