Where's our MX Record located?

How do we locate MX Record for zephyr-tec.com? Our Webhost & Domain Reg say it resides w/Cloudflare.

Is your domain name using Cloudflare nameservers?
Have you recently added your domain to your Cloudflare account?

Can you post and share your domain name?

Thanks for the quick reply. the domain is www.zephyr-tec.com. The problem is we don’t have a Cloudflare account other than the online account I just created to be able to post my question here.

Thank you for feedback information.

I can see your domain name is using Cloudflare nameservers:

zephyr-tec.com. IN NS
zephyr-tec.com. 21600 IN NS gabe.ns.cloudflare.com.
zephyr-tec.com. 21600 IN NS kim.ns.cloudflare.com.

For your MX record, I got this:

zephyr-tec.com. IN MX
zephyr-tec.com. 300 IN MX 10 zephyr-tec-com.inbound.emailservice.io.

May I ask if you activated Cloudflare for your domain name with your own Cloudflare account → if yes, you would see your domain name under your Cloudflare account when you visit dash.cloudflare.com.

Nevertheless, maybe it doesn’t show up and maybe you’ve added it after, but may I ask if so, does the pair of two nameservers say gabe and kim or rather some other? :thinking:

Otherwise, if not, then I believe Cloudflare was enabled for your domain using your web hosting provider.

Have you tried contacting your hosting provider? :thinking: → possible SoftLayer or Aosoft?

Are you using some 3rd-party services like eZoic ads?


I did not activate anything at Cloudflare. Our WebHost is BigCommerce and our domain registrar is AOSoft and they say our MX record resides with Cloudflare. We know the MX is pointing to Email Protect (anti spam). We do not know where our MX record is stored. How can we update our MX record?

I’d suggest you to contact them and kindly ask to edit the DNS record for you. Otherwise, ask them to provide you the access for managing DNS records for your domain name so you would be able to change it yourself for further cases.

I believe BigCommerce is where the DNS records are managed at Cloudflare for your domain name.

They should be able to provide you with some interface → Log In - BigCommerce.

Maybe some helpful articles could be found from their Support & Help Center? :thinking:
I found few, but all of them are saying if you are using bigcommerce nameservers → not the same as your setup where you have Cloudflare nameservers.

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Thank you very much. We had talked BigCommerce but following their instructions to see the MX record did not yield an MX record. We are going back to BigCommerce for help.

Unless your domain registrar is also your web host (which based ion your follow-up it doesn’t appear to be) it is highly likely that someone at your org signed up to use Cloudflare’s DNS services. I’d recommend asking around, someone set that up for your org, likely the same person who set up your email initially.

Perhaps big commerce can tell you from their records who they dealt with when their service was initially configured, that person likely had to make DNS changes.

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