Where's my A record host pointing to?

Hope someone can point me in the correct direction. I am ultimately trying to confirm what IP address my A record points to for my domain. When I log into the DNS panel I see numerous A records that were migrated. I do not see an A record that is typically the host record which points to the domain for the website. I realize this is probably a newbie question, and I have searched for an answer, however, hoping someone can enlighten me.


For example, if you still have access to your hosting provider interface, you could double-check the DNS records and/or export them, therefrom import to the Cloudflare DNS.

Otherwise, kindly ask your provider for the needed IP address(es) in case if needed.

Happens that sometimes not all records are found during the automatic scan.

Hi there,
I know what the IP should be. I just cannot seem to locate where in Cloudflare the A Host record is pointing to. I previously used GoDaddy or others to manage DNS and it was fairly straight forward. Simply do not see the A host record. ugh. -Dan

Have you used the search box in the DNS app? I just tested in one of my domains. When searching for example.com, its A record was the first result. You can also use the filter to limit results.

If you don’t find the record, you may need to add it as mentioned by @fritex. When creating records for your apex, you enter @ as the name. It will appear as your domain name once saved.

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Thanks. When I do a search on the domain I see a CNAME record.

Name: mydomain
Target: points to the correct IP for my site
Is proxied.

So can I assume my site is at the IP of the Target noted above?


I am guessing the CNAME was used as part of the migration to Nexcess

A CNAME cannot point to an IP. The target must be another hostname. That target may in turn have records that can be resolved to an address. It may seem trivial, but it is an important distinction.

It is also important to know that no other record types may exist at a label which contains a CNAME. This means that a CNAME may not be reliable used at the apex. Cloudflare uses a technique the call CNAME flattening to avoid this limitation. The CNAME is resolved and is address is then used in a synthetic A or AAAA record.

That seems most probable.

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