Where to upload whitelisted IPs List?

Hi All!

Need to allowlist Ahref so client can run reports but adding a gazillion IP one by one isn’t an option so I have created a Cloudflare “List.” I know where to set Rules but don’t see any option to upload the list, just adding them singly.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Lists, Create List, Add Items, Upload CSV

Thanks @paul32. I have already created the list in CF, I don’t see where to add it for allowlisting?..

In one of my rules I have a list called googlebot_ip_lists

To use it in a rule: from drop downs

“IP Source Address” “is in list” Select list

Notice its “is in list” not “is in” in the second drop down

Aha! I see it now - many thanks Paul! :slight_smile: Have a great day!!

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