Where to take nameserver details please?

Hello, I was recommended Cloudflare as it offers a free DNS Zone. I have created an account by now and would like to know where I can take my nameserver details to update them on my domain

The nameservers are provided once you added your domain. But if you currently do not have nameservers, you won’t have much fun, as you’ll have to configure everything manually. Are you fine with that?

Also take into account that your site needs to work fine on HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

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They need to be updated at your registrar (where you bought your domain).

Yes, sure. Domain was added and works fine on HTTPS but the question was WHERE the name servers are provided?

On the DNS screen.

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I think the cloudflare support can provide it but it is not available with a free plan I guess … only community board :wink:

Ohhh, is it within cloudflare?

Of course, we are talking about a Cloudflare context here.

Yes, I found them on the DNS records :clap: And now, there are two assigned to my site. Which is the one to take is the question?

As mentioned, you have to set the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare.

As mentioned, there are two assigned Cloudflare nameservers as of now

That’s how it should be.

That is correct. You need to use both of them.


Ok, thank you both.

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