Where to submit Transfer Key?


I have initiated the transfer of my domain to cloudflare. Today, I received the transfer key from my current registrar. But I don’t find the place to submit the transfer key.

My domain is in status “Transfer in progress”. In order to complete, I need to submit the transfer key. But where?

Thank you for your help in advance.


In most cases the transfer key is required to even start a domain transfer, so you are already beyond the point where it is needed if the transfer is in progress.

Did you perhaps initiate the transfer with an incorrect key?


Thank you for your reply.

No, I have not entered any domain transfer key. With the transfer, I got to the point where inside the Cloudflare admin panel, I was asked to enter the transfer key. I had requested the key from the previous registrar. But it took too long to arrive in my inbox, so I logged out of Cloudflare thinking I could enter the key anytime later. When I had received the key the next day, I logged back in to Cloudflare – but there is no place to enter the transfer key now.

The domain I want to transfer still shows “Transfer in progress” with a link to “Zone overview”. So the transfer, I assume, has not been completed yet.

Do you know how I can submit the transfer key to complete the process?