Where to report Cloudflare bugs? DNS and website and sign in and sign in to dash errors?

Found one bug, dns not beeing taken.
Then wanted to report in dash. Got another error json file.
Then wanted to find support and cant but got another error.
Im natural born problem solver and researcher… aperantly!

Also bugs signing up here in comunity- double verification needed.

How many lifetime services i could get for so much bugs solving in 1st day trying Cloudflare?

And why here is not edit button? Not to write new comments?
Thats 5th bug in 30minutes.

Several, maybe! See here.

There actually is, it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 8.56.09 PM


Oh, cool. Thanks! :slight_smile: Ill use it every lifetime then :slight_smile:

I dont have… Another bug then?

And another bug- im replying and it says that im posting link. So put spaces in reply of reply quote.

And i dont have time to report bugs but im dooing it too fast. Amazing father rocker. Maybe i dont need this couldflare.

And it recomends to reply to multiple posts, quotes at once, what i wanted to do, but previously didnt allow to put multople images and didnt allow to do it too fast.
Just great…

Can you describe the bugs you are experiencing?

What are you trying to enter for a DNS record?

Again, what error are you getting?

What error are you getting when trying to find support? How are you trying to find support?

Please describe double verification. Community is a separate service that hooks into to Cloudflare, so double authentication may be expected.

Edit button only appears for certain discourse trust levels. This is not a bug

Again you don’t have access to be able to do certain things. Not a bug.

No, you are making comments too fast.

This is an anti-spam measure.


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