Where to make WordPress plugin pull requests

I’d like propose some updates for the WordPress Cloudflare Stream plugin.

Where can one make pull requests?

Unless I’ve missed it, the Cloudflare Stream WordPress plugin doesn’t appear to be a listed repo on Cloudflare’s GitHub profile.

@zaid is the expert on this topic, my information on it might be outdated. I’ll let him answer this one :slight_smile:

It looks like it’s not open-source, as it’s not on WP Engine’s GitHub either ( as they are also a developer of this plugin ) Cloudflare Stream Video – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org - as said above, though, Zaid seems to be the maintainer of this plugin.

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Thank you both. The plugin itself comes licensed under GPLv2, so it has been open-sourced (whether intentional or not).


License: GPL2

For now I’ll pop it up on GitHub as a fork. If a repo that supports pull requests turns up and I have some components ready worth contributing, I might give it a go.

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Sounds good! Thanks for contributing!
I remember I was in a Github repository that contains the source, I just can’t find it now. If we end up not finding in the end I’m happy to make a new repo in the Cloudflare Github and accept your contribution.

My modifications are made public here:


At the time of writing this, changes from the official 1.0.4 plugin are as follows:

  • Analytics reporting opt-in/out clearer.
  • Shortcode method now always uses signed URL’s / tokens.
  • Added additional shortcode options, controls, autoplay, loop, preload and muted.

Hey @Bink!

I finally got all the info needed for this one from @zaid and others. Thanks for the patience.

We just put up a new GitHub repository at GitHub - cloudflare/stream-wordpress for development of this plugin. Feel free to make pull requests into this repo and I will make sure we review, merge and release it quickly.


Thank you @renan and @zaid !

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