Where to Get the best hosting Plan?


My wp site having 5k to 10k visitors on dailay basis i need unlimited webspace + never site down.
can anyone tell me the good hosting plan with cheap rates?

Thanks in Advanced!


That’s not a Cloudflare issue, but I’m sure there are some hosting reviews out there. I can’t imagine you’re going to have much luck finding cheap unlimited hosting that never goes down.

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yes i know this post is against the cloudflare but i am in bad situation so that i am posting my issue there…


If you’re looking for a managed host, there’s a low likelihood that you’ll find one with unmetered storage. You may be better served keeping your current host and moving your space-consuming content to Amazon or something.


Actually, i am looking for VPS or Dedicated servers


Those definitely don’t come with unlimited space.


oops! so can you plz suggest me a good advice?


If you have some technical experience and are willing to perform periodic upgrades yourself, you could try a “host it yourself” services like DigitalOcean (their wordpress offering), AWS, GCP, and others.

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