Where to get cert.pem for named tunnels?

I’m trying to set up named tunnels for a server running on localhost so that browsers not on my network can visit it, something like mapping localhost:8080 to https://my-custom-name.cloudflare.com.

I’m following instructions from https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-apps/install-and-setup/tunnel-guide. Step 2, “Authenticate Cloudflare”, states that running cloudflared tunnel login will open a browser window that prompts for a log in, and subsequently you can select your hostname. I am able to log in to read text that says:

"Authorize Argo Tunnel

Argo Tunnel wishes to serve as an origin on one of your zones.

Please select the zone you want to add Argo Tunnel to."

I’m not sure what this means. I tried specifying a custom name but it seems like this prompt requires a “functioning” domain.

Do you have any functioning domains? You can’t assign a tunnel to someone else’s domain. But you can fire up a Quick Tunnel.


Hmm… can i register a sub-domain with cloudflare, for example something like, my-happy-website.cloudflare.com so that I can tunnel the server on localhost to this url?

Already answered.

Sorry if i wasn’t clear. I’m new to deploying websites, but if I may, elaborate a little, on my thought process: With quick tunnels, cloudflare assigns a subdomain to the tunnel right? Does cloudflare have a service that… let’s say… assigns a more permanent subdomain that could be used for named tunneling?

Yes. A regular tunnel. You’d link that to an active zone (domain) in your account.

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