Where to find rejected connections?


Where can i find a log of rejected connections? The GUI of cloudflare has changed so much i dont understend where things are anymore :confused:


We will need more details. What kind of rejected connections are you referring to? What error is the client seeing?

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Hi Wanda :slight_smile:

Trying to post a normal HTTP web form in one of our pages, in our server log it logs as code 200. But cloudflare is showing the cloudflare Gateway time-out error page 504. So i dont understand why it logs 200 in our server log but you are showing the 504 error page.
I have recorded some Ray- ID’s where this is the case. But i cant find any detialed information about it in my cloudflare dashboard.

Is there any way i can TOTALLY bypass cloudflare for a specified page?


Ray ID can be used where you have Cloudflare Logs enabled.

You can take a look here regarding the 504:

You can turn off proxy for that particular DNS record: