Where to find change announcements

I log in to Cloudflare at least 3 times a week in support of my clients, so I see changes often. But for the past 2 weeks, there has been a change every day. No news about them on the blog.

Where do we see announcements of upcoming changes BEFORE they happen?

Would Cloudflare please consider having a regular schedule for changes instead of just springing things on us randomly? Some of us have 100s of clients that we support. And we need time to prepare our clients for changes and make time in our schedules to log in and do them. It’s an insane waste of time to have to log in multiple times to make each change as they roll out.

What are these “changes” that are just springing up randomly, unannounced, and being pushed with no time to prepare? Any example(s)?

Just curious, as I’m in the dashboard multiple times every single day, but I’ve not come across any such unannounced product/platform changes. (Dashboard glitches are something else, but I don’t think that’s the concern here.)

In the last 2 weeks alone there have been 2 changes to the OWASP settings that caused more visitors to see a splash page before being redirected to the site. The default settings were High and PL1. We had to drop to Medium, which finally became the default setting after enough complaints. And then they changed to PL2 right after that, which brought the problem back. I can’t find where they announced any of these changes.

In the last 2 weeks there have also been several items deprecated, like Page Rules, Auto Minify, Brotli, etc. The new home page is rolling out in beta, which destroys a lot of my tutorials for how to access the site you need to work on. There are notifications in Cf for these changes, but no word on the blog or emails or anything.

Thank you for your question.

Cloudlare maintains a Change log here: Changelog (Beta) · Cloudflare Docs

For managed WAF specific changes, we also have a changelog here: Changelog for managed rulesets · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs

We are working to improve our communications to partners throughout the product release cycle, and I appreciate your feedback in improving this experience.

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Thanks, Dan. I subscribed to the RSS feed.

But the Changelog only covers what’s happened after the fact. There is no info there about the other changes like Page Rules, Brotli, and other things that are being deprecated.

If I didn’t log into Cloudflare every week for client work, I wouldn’t even know to plan for getting all of my clients updated prior to a hard deadline, such as the one for Page Rules.

Cloudflare is a critically important component to our site’s function. I’m grateful that it is available.

In the 20 years I’ve been doing site work, I’ve never used any other tech/site vendor who had user settings and choices that changed constantly who did zero communication with those users about upcoming changes.

It costs a LOT of time to chase down why sites are suddenly having issues they didn’t have before, like their visitors seeing a splash screen that they were being checked prior to being allowed to see the site. Turned out to be a setting in the new OWASP rule set. The default was set to High, but then support started telling folks to set it to Medium, which we did. And then the default was changed to Medium.

Then a few weeks later the splash screen returned. The PL in that OWASP rule was changed from 1 to 2.

This is just one example of something that took troubleshooting time and frustrated clients because they lost traffic and had to spend time responding to emails from their regular visitors who were freaked out about it and thought the site had been hacked.

I know CF has reasons for tightening security. But when I have to interact with 100s of clients multiple times over a short period due to CF rule changes that are unannounced and not documented anywhere, I lose money and my clients are frustrated.

Not to mention seeing different changes on different client sites due to either the roll out schedule, or everyone not getting the same beta things. I even see differences in multiple sites that are under the same Cloudflare account.

And then for those of us who make tutorials for other webmasters so that they can keep their maintenance clients up to date, it costs a LOT of time and money to have to constantly update and/or remove tutorials and create whole new ones every single week due to so many changes that are not announced and that roll out inconsistently instead of on some scheduled bases.

My tutorials are more up to date than those on Cloudflare, which shows a severe lack of coordination between the departments making the changes and the departments in charge of letting end users know about them.

I hope Cloudflare will start thinking outside of their cubicles and take a hard look at what a day in the life of their users is like. Every tech we use is changing - rapidly. And it all has to be coordinated to work together. Not having any clue that a huge part of our site security is making changes is a real issue, and a costly one.

This is the best CDN on the planet. And I shudder to think what the internet would be like if CF were not protecting so many sites. Please just tell us what you’re doing and why - before you change it, when it’s not an emergency.

Page Rules will work through into 2025, where they will start to be migrated. They have not hard-stopped working on the date of the announcement.

The Page Rules will be deprecated on free accounts on July 1.

I have hundreds of clients, who all have their own CF account. About 1/3 of them are on the free plan. I have to meet live with them to make those changes due to the security token that CF sends. I can only take 5 meetings a day and still get all of my other client work done.

So yeah, I need to know in advance as much as possible to ensure I have time to make all of the updates. If I didn’t log in as much as I do, I would not have known about this change at all, and would have missed the deadline as I could not have booked all of those client meetings in time.

They won’t stop working on that day. The schedule is here…

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The point is that they have to be changed and there was ZERO notification of it without logging in to see that banner.

Plenty of other things are also being deprecated and/or changed without even so much as a banner notfication.

We NEED far better communication from Cloudflare about these changes.

I changed away from Page Rules over a year and a half ago. Their pending retirement and their replacements haven’t been kept a secret.

Where did you learn about their pending retirement and replacements? Was it on their blog, a newsletter, or somewhere else?

It was long enough ago and was not unusual enough of an event to create any vivid memory of becoming aware of the features. It wasn’t so much a light bulb moment as it was an inherent desire to avoid using something that would eventually be discontinued.

While I am unable to recount details, it was most likely from reading here in the Community.

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I saw the writing on the wall nearly 2 years ago and migrated all my clients’ page rules.

And as others have pointed out a million times already, the feature isn’t retired yet. It is being retired. The dashboard notification, which has been there for weeks and (I’m sure) will continue to be there for many more weeks is THE notification you need.

Is there room for improvement? Sure.

But in this particular case (with respect to Page Rules in particular), I feel there isn’t a whole lot to criticise, and your time would be better spent doing the migrations for those “hundreds of clients”.

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So an article from 2022 is what you count as notification of a change that didn’t actually post a notification for 2 years, and only on within the account?

I can’t for the life of me figure out why everyone is harping on that one example and missing the entire point of the post, or any of the other changes mentioned.

NOBODY should have to log in just to see if there has been a change. Notifications of ALL changes should be sent on a format that we can subscribe to, either the RSS feed, the blog, or via email.

And NOBODY should tell me how to use my time. Insisting on proactive notifications is the best use of my time.

I’m not trying to tell you how to use your time, although spending some on keeping up to date with ongoing developments on a platform that you use heavily seems reasonable.

The point being made is that many changes are discussed widely for years and don’t just appear out of nowhere.

There is certainly nothing wrong with your desire to request a notification method that suits your preferences, even if some of us don’t have the same struggle with the changes as you.

I have 16 platforms of stuff to keep up with changes on. Some of them change radically every 3 months. And I have webmasters I have to make tutorials for too.

I don’t appreciate the inference that I’m not keeping up. I just don’t consider chatter from 2 years ago to be a replacement for real notifications.

You are reading more into what I have written than my intended meaning. You sound you are spread pretty thin, but its not a discussion for this venue, so I’m going to unfollow this topic now so as to not further distract either of us.

I hope you are able to find a way to get notified of upcoming Cloudflare changes in a manner that suits your preferences.

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Another thing to consider are all the folks new to Cloudflare. Maybe they are watching an old YouTube tutorial about how to set it up. and they never log in again because they think all is well and done and have zero idea that CF changes all the time.

They wouldn’t even know about that post from 2 years ago.

And then someday their site breaks or gets goofy and they have no idea why.

Cloudflare has their account email. Why not send notifications when things are going to change?

I think all of this finger pointing back to the end user and not sticking to the point of zero notifications is a type of bullying that should be moderated in forums like this too.

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