Where to find “Cancel and Retry”" button on the domain Overview page?

Instructions for completing your transfer

  1. Login to your current registrar and remove registrar lock. You may also see this listed as “clientTransferProhibited”
  2. Login to your Cloudflare dashboard to confirm the lock has been removed. You should see the registrar status transition from “Domain Locked” to “Transfer In Progress” or “Pending Approval”
  3. Cloudflare will reattempt the transfer automatically
  4. If the transfer does not complete after the lock is removed, you can select “Cancel and Retry” from the domain Overview page in the Cloudflare dashboard to force a reattempt

I can’t find this button at all.

:wave: @work1,

What state is your domain transfer in currently? How long ago did you initiate the domain transfer?


Last week.
“Pending approval”