Where to enter auth code from old registrar?

i my dashboard I go to the domain I want to transfer-in. I don’t see where to enter auth code from old registrar.

Hi @gd1,

Do you have the domain added and active in your Cloudflare account? You can only use Cloudflare Registrar for domains using Cloudflare DNS.

If you are, you can choose the option to transfer the domain on the right side of the overview page.

yes, added and active, name server already changed successfully to cloudfare and i initiated the transfer to cloudfare. also unlocked the domain and got the auth code from current registrar.

there is no field where to enter the auth code in cloudfare for this domain.

(I already transfered a domain name to cloudfare a few weeks ago and that worked.)

Oh I see, yes this is a known issue, here is the workaround:


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