Where to add Cloudflare range header

Hello, I’m using Cloudflare - backblaze association. I’m having trouble deploying content in my app and I realized it’s a range header issue.
I need to do “Range”, “bytes=0-80” I don’t know from which part can you help me

According to MDN, that’s a Request Header. You can use a Transform Rule to add that.

Thank you man, but I don’t understand how to do it exactly. I have a sub domain. I want an application to them. Can you send me a photo on how to add it to me?
https://test.test.com/file/test/* “Range: bytes=0-80”

If you have knowledge like this, can you write it?

Should be something like this:


you are a very good person thank you very much my friend

I tried, but it gives this error, do I need to make another setting?
operation ‘set’ cannot be used on header ‘range’

That was unexpected. I admit I didn’t test it, but I haven’t seen any restrictions on which Request headers one can add. Maybe @smarsh knows what’s allowed or not.

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