Where is the source json schema for cloudflare api v4?

Assuming the docs at https://api.cloudflare.com/ are generated using this toolchain, where are the corresponding source schema definitions?

They would be useful when creating/maintaining cloudflare api clients in other languages.

Found a reference to api.cloudflare.com/schemas/v4 but it doesn’t seem to be accessible.

Posted a github issue yesterday, no response.

- John

Are these hyper schemas published somewhere? Could not find them on the cloudflare github. They would be extremely useful for generating client code.

They can be seen partially seen in an image on an old post [1] saved locally at ~/cf-repos/cf-api/schemas. So close!

[1] https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflares-json-powered-documentation-generator/

I figured out how to extract the original JSON schemas from the documentation bundle, take a look on Github (account: nxpub, project: Cloudflare-api-schemas), I cannot include the link properly yet (forum’s limitation), sorry.

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