Where is the location of Specturm

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Where is the location of Enable Proxy Protocol v1 for TCP.
See Cloudflare Document instructions below:

Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
Select Spectrum.
Locate the application that will use the PROXY protocol and select Configure.
From the dropdown, select PROXY Protocol v1.
When TCP applications are configured to use PROXY Protocol v1, Cloudflare will prepend each inbound TCP connection with the PROXY Protocol plain-text header.

​​The Proxy Protocol v1 Header
PROXY Protocol prepends every connection with a header reporting the client IP address and port. A PROXY Protocol plain-text header has the format:

What PROXY_STRING + single space + INET_PROTOCOL + single space + CLIENT_IP + single space + PROXY_IP + single space + CLIENT_PORT + single space + PROXY_PORT + “\r\n”

URL link, Enable Proxy protocol · Cloudflare Spectrum docs

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Do you have Spectrum enabled on your account? Use of Spectrum for any general TCP/UDP application is an enterprise only add-on.

If so, adding the proxy protocol is done when setting up the application or edited, as the insructions say, under the zone… Spectrum… Settings… for the Spectrum application (bottom of the box)…

Other than enabling an enterprise account, is there a secondary tool to move email traffic from Cloudflare Works to my Exim mail server (imap.xxxx.com:10025)?

DevCED Team.

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