Where is the line for abuse?


I have brainstormed some probably unintended usage method for the worker that should suit me well. But I don’t know if I have crossed the line for abuse this service. Is there an acceptable usage policy for this? If I have crossed the line, how will Cloudflare respond to this?

As for my idea, I wish to write a worker that read remote URL, header, and body from client request and respond to this request from the remote host, which is effectively a proxy software. A client software corresponding to this worker script will accept HTTP proxy from local and rewrite the request to my website. Is this considered abuse?

Thank you for reading so far, any feedback is appreciated.


So you’re doing:

  • Make a request to the worker
  • Worker fetch external request

Is that correct? If so, that’s normal use.


Yes, it is basically a proxy in Worker. Thanks for your reply!


Proxies are basically the intended use, even for streaming large amounts of data :slight_smile:


Thank you! That sounds assuring.


If your intent is to get someone content and use as your own, without their consent, that is a clear web scraping technique, and fraudulent behaviour, if not covered under a specific Content License.

Is my code public?

The content of your worker script will not be accessible to the public. However, Cloudflare employees may view your scripts for a variety of purposes, such as debugging, security audits, or to provide you with technical support.


If he’s setting up a domain that directly requests data from other domains (Such as blog content), yeah, that’s blatant copyright abuse and Cloudflare would shut down it down due to complaints.