Where is the issuer CA certificate of the client certificates?


We are using client certificate with Nginx to improve the security of our internal tools (not public).
We are issuing a client certificate to our workers (a couple) and they need to install them in their browser / device.

We are taking a look to see if we can move them to Cloudflare.

I have create a client certificate

But the client certificate does not come with the full chain, we miss the trusted CA certificate that signed this certificate.

The issuer is

CN=Managed CA 75cb447fed3379e3df80f08e39fce5a1, OU=www.cloudflare.com, O="Cloudflare, Inc.", L=San Francisco, ST=California, C=US

Do you know where I can find the certificate of this issuer ?


If there is a better way to protect internal web tool that should be available on mobile, we would like to know also.

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