Where is the domain summary page?

You know, a page like the 'Select Domain for Transfer’ page, except listing domains that are already on Cloudflare showing expiration, auto-renew is on/off/status, etc.

Not finding this on the site. Seems really odd. What’s the big secret?
Don’t use api, just web.

I believe what you’re looking for is available from the side menu on the right.

Clicking on “Domains” will show you the Not on Cloudflare and Already on Cloudflare options. Is that what you’re looking for?

Otherwise it will be available from the domain overview itself, but not as a list.

No it isn’t.

This only list domains that are NOT registered with Cloudflare (different registrar).

I click on the link, and I get the ‘Select a Domain for Transfer’ page.

There’s no way to see anything else.

I do NOT want to go through each domain ONE BY ONE simply to check on a setting.

Surely there is a way to simply SEE MY DOMAINS!

I need a comprehensive list of all domains registered WITH CloudFlare.

The fact that you can’t find this page either (doesn’t exist) is very troubling.


That is quite interesting, I currently don’t have any domains registered at Cloudflare (though probably moving there in a few days) and I get this screen when I select the “Domains” option. That is where I would expect it to show an overview of all your domains. (On the left)

Once I do transfer my domains I’ll have a look and see if I can find such a list.