Where is the CPANEL

I am trying to get my developer access so he can develop our portal. I am not sure where this option is. Can someone enlighten me?

Thank You

There’s no cPanel here. Your site is most likely hosted elsewhere. If you need more specific assistance, please post the domain name.



In addition how is this supposed to work if I transferred my CNAME over, and can not even develop my portal?

It looks like that site is hosted at Namecheap. Does your old cPanel not work any more?

It works, thus the file quota has bee severely reached. So nothing can be changed, modified.

File Quotas are set by your host, so you’ll have to clear this up with them.

ok, so are you saying 1.) that the site needs to be developed with namecheap on their cpanel?

2.) Then how will this be tested and such here on this platform - since I have an free account for now?

Cloudflare is a proxy server. It’s like when you play Operator. Namecheap is on one end, your visitor is on the other end, and the operator is in the middle, quickly passing information back and forth.

You can put Cloudflare into Development Mode if you don’t want Cloudflare caching or optimizing any content for a completely live, realtime view of changes. Dev Mode is under the Overview section for your domain at dash.cloudflare.com

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Adding on to what sdayman said:

Cloudflare doesn’t host your website for you, it provides a bunch of tools which eases the stress on the hosting provider. This includes caching, DNS, DDOS protection, Scrape protection etc.


If your website is simple, you could check out Cloudflare Pages, this essentially removes your own hosting and lets Cloudflare host it for you.

It is really simple to use, to me It sounds like your site is simple enough too. You can have your developer upload all the site files to GitHub and then Cloudflare will automatically download the files and host it for you. This will be done globally and will be really fast. probably much faster than your host right now.

If you need more advanced stuff, such as if your sites are not static, you might want to check out Cloudflare workers instead.

You should note that Cloudflare pages are static. Meaning that websites that use PHP or other frameworks are built once and then deployed. This means that you can’t have dynamic content without using something like a Cloudflare worker.

Hope this helps!

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