Where is the cloudflare nearest india bases server located?

Where is the cloudflare nearest india bases server located?

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Can i transfer my site to Kolkata server??

Cloudflare is not a hosting provider. Cloudflare advertises a single IP address for proxied content from all 195+ of it’s datacenters worldwide.



Actually my hosting is set to the nearest india based server that is Singapore but when I moved to cloudflare , the location is showing
**Newark, US.**If you are in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai then but transfer me to india na…


That IP address is advertised in 195+ datacenters. The tool you’re using to lookup the IP addresses location has no concept of an anycast network. The second link I provided described how Cloudflare advertises the same IP address from multiple datacenters. If you do a traceroute to the IP it won’t wind up in Newark, NJ unless you happen to be close to that particular Cloudflare datacenter.


Ohh i got it… thanks

My website is not opening. Showing error 523. What happened to it??

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