Where is the "Automatic mobile optimization" in Pro plan


Before I upgrade from free to Pro plan, I see one of the main features in the Pro plan is “Automatic mobile optimization”. However, after I upgrade to Pro plan, I try to find any mobile optimization option under Speed tab, but cannot find any one that can speed up the mobile access. So where is the “Automatic mobile optimization”?


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That might be the Mirage option on that page. Where did you see this feature listed?

Not sure whether you are referring to ‘Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress’?

If not, the mobile optimization should be Mirage as what @sdayman mentioned.

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When you choose “Change plan”, you will see 4 plans, and for the Pro Plan, you will see “Automatic mobile optimization” as the feature of this plan.

Checked with one of the Cloudflare staff and Mirage is the correct answer for Automatic Mobile Optimization.


Thank you very much. Originally I do not expect Cloudflare takes a beta version of their features(Mirage) to promote their services.

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