Where is json? Where is yaml?

I am setting up a new tunnel in ZTNA and via the dashboard I clicked through Access > Tunnels > Create and gave it a name. The next step is to install the connector. I chose Debian (I’m running this on Ubuntu, is Debian the right distro to choose?) and copied and pasted the command in the left box, which is supposed to install and configure the tunnel in one hit. See attached image.

This worked, the tunnel is up. Great. But now I need to customise the config.yaml to switch the protocol to QUIC, but can’t find where the config.yaml file is…!!!

This doc mentions the 3 places where it should exist by defauly on Linux, but I can’t fint it anywhere. Where is it?

If I need to create it from scratch, fine, but then where to I find the json credentials file which is a requirement in the config.yaml??? I can’t find the json file either.

When I run systemctl status cloudflared, I get this

Thanks in advance.

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The configuration file and tokens (cert.pem, UUID.json) are now remotely managed by Cloudflare which means you no longer store or maintain them in your local environment. That said, to modify command line arguments like protocol or loglevel you can modify the service directly.

On Linux, the Cloudflare Tunnel service is installed using systemctl. Use the following command to open the service and append the necessary command-line options.

sudo systemctl edit --full cloudflared.service

You can then add --protocol quic just before the tunnel run command to change the default transport protocol from HTTP2 to QUIC.

This should look something like the following:

/usr/bin/cloudflared --no-autoupdate --protocol quic tunnel run --token <token value>

Just to add to Abe’s comment: we are rolling out QUIC to everyone by default, so this nuisance should go away in a matter of weeks.

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@abe, Amazing! Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I have changed the settings using the steps you provided, restarted the service I can see it is now using QUIC.

I just started playing with tunnels in the last few months - it is a truly amazing service - and this is the 3rd time setting up a tunnel. Brilliant that the process is now much more streamlined. I expect the remotely manged tokens feature was mentioned in the release notes, but please (as others before me have mentioned numerous times), and as nicely as possible, keep the the documentation updated. It’s quite conflicting and/or disjointed in places (installation instructions, for example) and the docs need to keep pace with the releases. Many thanks. Keep up the excellent work!

No problem at all. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve documentation and tutorials. Glad it’s been useful!

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