Where is Diagnostic center test

How would I do that? Those records aren’t showing in my DNS that is managed by Cloudflare. Is there a certain file I edit?

Have you at least tried Liberate The Hostname from the instructions? Please do so, for lizzyslizards.com

What does that mean?
I only have the free plan and do not want to pay for any upgrades or pay for custom host names.
I have tried removing my site completely from Cloudflare and change my nameserves to dreamhost, then reconnect it . However I noticed when I do so the settings on Cloudflare kind of save and are configured back as soon as I add my website back to Cloudflare. I wish I could erase all saved settings on Cloudflare , delete my website from Cloudflare then re connect it and start with fresh configurations . I’m not sure how to do that.
I had changed my nameservers to dreamhosts and they said when I did that the DNSSEC , DNSKEY records became unsigned however if I reconnect my website to Cloudflare those records magically become signed and active again.

When I changed my name servers I did notice that the results on a dns checker still showed the nameservers to be mixed both Cloudflare and dreamhosts. Even though I changed it.

Go here:

And type in lizzyslizards.com, and then follow the instructions. (temporarily delete your lizzyslizards.com A record before you do this).

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