Where i can make a Master Class About Cloudflare?

Hi im new using cloudflare, i want learn but seems very hard there is any course that i can pay to learn from the best ?
I wanna learn the best setting to serve a wordpress with OpenLiteSpeed from digitalocean or google cloud, im still testing and learning about those 2 hosts.

My first website gonna be a landing page with a 1 youtube video + some text, on hello word theme + Elementor Pro + W3 Total Cache, its for selling expensive houses for a real state agent. I gonna use google ads to advertising and since pages with SSL + fast pages + well caches pages google charge less money to advertising that why i need learn how to use cloudflare.

Im studing code for a few years but not much pratice, i finish some couses about angular 2, typescript 2 and i was studying Node.js but i have to stop because i need make money.
I learn about records, cache, DNS and CDN, im not completly new but yeah i do have alot of years of learning.
I dont like to learn by myself i rather speed my learning paying for master classes if possible if not i could pay an course on UDEMY or any other learning website.

i have alot of question but the one i need the most right now is:
What is better FULL SSL or FULL(strickt) + Lets encript SSL ?
i dint undestestand very well this SSL thing because there is tutorials on youtube how to get free SSL from Lets encript + make a bot that runs its every 2-3 months, my question is do i need this from Lets encript + bot + FULL(strickt) or its better dont use lets encript on my wordpress and just use FULL SSL from cloudflare.

Thanks in advance for reading this wall of text, any tips are apreciated.

With both options you need a certificate on your server. Full Strict is better, as Cloudflare will validate that the certificate is valid. Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare Origin SSL are good, no-cost options. I prefer Let’s Encrypt, as it means you can unproxy if needed without breaking your site.

Personally, I’d use something other than Wordpress for a static brochure site, especially if your day job is something other than managing Wordpress. I’m a fan of static publishing tools like Jekyl, and watch this space for some developments from CF to make that easier.

I know there are Cloudflare certifications, but I have not more information about them, other than they exist.


thanks alot for take time to read and reply, can you explain a bit better to me What is better FULL SSL or FULL(strickt) + Lets encript SSL ?

so you recomend i do the steps to get a SSL from Lets encript SSL + bot to renew every 3 months and choose Full Strict ? is this the best option ?

im confuse about that because some people say use cloudflare only, others say use flexible, others full i just dont understand if cloudflare provide SSL why do i need Let’s Encrypt ?

also i dont know wich options is best FULL SSL or FULL(strickt) .

Anybody recommending Flexible is going on the naughty list. It is not secure, and with the options available today there is no excuse for using it.

Full (Strict) is the best option. If you can configure Let’s Encrypt, you should do so, and then enable Full (Strict).

( If on an Enterprise plan you also have the option of Strict (SSL-Only Origin Pull). This is the same as Full (Strict) if you have also enabled Always Use HTTPS. )

There are legitimate reasons why people can only use Full. I would say that Full is acceptable while you work on fixing those reasons, but not as a long term solution.


thanks alot michael, let me ask 1 more thing, looks like have a website safe is not easy and gonna take me alot time to learn and i will eventually i hope, my concerns are wich configs on cloudflare gonna have a negative impact on site opmization and performace ?

what should i be more careful when learning to configs that can have a bad impact on speed and opmization ? Full strickt for example gonna be bad for performace and experience of my clients or all secutity methods dont have a negative effect on performance ?

Any performance impact is negligible, and far outweighed by the benefits.


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