Where EXACTLY do I add lines to my "SSL Configuration"?

I’ve searched for hours and can’t find this simple answer. I’ve found people asking the question, but still no actual answer given.

I am trying to enable “authenticated origin pulls” on my site. My host uses a reverse ngix proxy into Apache web server and I edit my site using CPanel. From my understanding, that means I need to follow the Apache instructions for installing “authenticated origin pulls” (correct me if I’m wrong on that, plz) but there is one problem. When I get to the following step, it doesn’t tell me HOW to do it, and no amount of searching online has turned up an actual explanation for this:

Then add these lines to the SSL configuration for your origin web server:
SSLVerifyClient require
SSLVerifyDepth 1
SSLCACertificateFile /path/to/origin-pull-ca.pem

So, my question is, where do I physically go to add those lines to my “SSL Configuration”? Where is the configuration? Is this supposed to be an option in CPanel? Am I supposed to locate a file in file manager, or perhaps CREATE a new file?

Please don’t try to convince me not to seek this answer out, and please don’t try to convince me I don’t need to do it, as I’ve seen some replies to questions try and dissuade people from getting their answers. I just would like to know what the steps are for “adding commands to SSL configuration” please. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. I’ve spent hours on this alone with no solid answers anywhere.

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