Where does the loc= returned by "/cdn-cgi/trace" originate?

I’ve discovered by using “/cdn-cgi/trace” on Cloudflare websites which are blocking my /48 IPv6 prefix, that all of them give “loc=RU”.

That is wrong. A quick geolocation check (using any geolocation service that google finds) on my addresses gives North America.

So, where does Cloudflare get this erroneous loc=RU from? It needs correcting. I don’t know if that is the root of my problems visiting any website using Cloudflare, but it’s a start.

It most likely generated using data from MaxMind. What result do you get here:

Yes, that’s the culprit, thank you. They have an entire /40 prefix incorrectly set as Russia. I’ve submitted a correction. Typical that the only place to get it wrong is the place that Cloudflare uses. Hopefully I’ll be able to use the internet again when/if they fix it.

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