Where does Stream store my data?

When uploading video to Stream is there a way to restrict what locations it is uploaded to? We have certain data sovereignty rules we have to adhere to for some of our content.

You probably won’t get a definitive answer, but the bigger problem is that your video isn’t protected. Each video has a direct link, and you don’t have control over who can play it.

This page contradicts your statement: https://developers.cloudflare.com/stream/security/security-considerations/

That’s the Embed. Not the direct link.

This page contradicts your statement: Secure your Stream · Cloudflare Stream docs

Good to know! It looks like you’re all set.

Not really as I didn’t actually ask a question about security. My question was about where in the world the content is stored and whether it can be controlled. Hopefully someone will come along with an answer to that one!

I have the same question. From my experience it is often times referred to Geoblocking. Would love to know if that is possible just like Adam.

I can’t answer this but from what I’ve experienced, despite consistently streaming the videos only to Scandinavian countries, the videos are always served from IPs located in the US…

The IPs are Cloudflare’s, which is a US-based company, all it’s IPs, even if not anycast and assigned to specific servers outside of the US will appear belonging to them -> US.

yes, you’re right. when I check the response headers for the stream data, it shows a “local” cf-ray

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