Where does Cloudflare host their NTP/NTS server(s)? (time.cloudflare.com)

Hi, I am looking for a public NTP server with NTS support, preferably close to Hong Kong.

I pinged time.cloudflare.com and it returned an US ip address. Is this the only NTP server hosted by Cloudflare? If not, does Cloudflare host a NTP server near Hong Kong?


Cloudflare uses the Anycast network, so Cloudflare’s NTP is globally distributed. Here’s their blog post about it:

I see. Is there a way to know the location of the Cloudflare NTP server closest to Hong Kong?

Cloudflare has a PoP in Hong Kong so assuming your ISP peers correctly, then that is the one you will be using.

Try a traceroute to time.cloudflare.com to confirm.

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