Where does Cloudflare gets DNS records from? Is it the Domain Host or the Web Host?

Hi, I host several websites as the web host, but the domain remains with the domain host and they set the www DNS record to point to my server IP. Obviously, we change nameservers in the domain host’s settings when we add a site to CF.

When we add a website to Cloudflare, does it scan the DNS records of the domain host, or of the web host please? (I understand how some may find this question pointless, but we recently had a domain host delete all his DNS records after we added the site to CF, so we are trying to understand exactly how the system works from beginning to end.) Thank you!

Hi @michelle14,

Cloudflare will scan for the most common records from wherever the authoritative nameservers point. So wherever the nameservers at your registrar point, that’s where the records will come from.

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Thank you so much - that makes perfect sense. So CF will scan the domain host’s DNS records, because that is where we change the nameservers when we add a site to CF. I really appreciate your help.

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They will scan wherever your DNS is currently hosted. If your nameservers are pointed to the registrar’s defaults, it will scan those at the registrar. If your nameservers already pointed elsewhere before you changed them to Cloudflare, it will get them from wherever they previously pointed to.

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