Where do you update DNS / DKIM records?

Hello, I am not a developer and am trying to fix a email issue as I no longer have any support from the web developer who set up my sites. Emails are not sending from either site and BlueHost told me the DNS records for the both the domain DKIM records is missing which might be causing the issue on sending emails. They said Cloudflare is the name server for both the domain and to please get the record updated for both the domains. I don’t know where to do this in cloudflare’s dashboard?

Do you have access to the Cloudflare account that manages your domains?

Yes I do have Cloudflare access. I tried today to edit the info where I thought, but it’s not been successful and I now seem to have lost apple mail access to email also

Hi there,

A DKIM record is basically a TXT record with specific content. You can set your records on your Cloudflare dashboard under DNS > Records.
Contact BlueHost and request what is the expected records, then on your DNS tab press +Add Reecord, set the type as TXT and fill the Name and Content following the information they gave you.

Take care.

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