Where do we put our new DNS settings?

Hello everybody!
We are business owners, not technical wizards! We have been requested by our email marketing company, ActiveCampaign to change our DNS settings. Which involves adding a new CNAME’s 1 and 2 and adding a predetermined values to each CNAME. That part we understand, but we aren’t sure exactly how to add this new CNAME? Or maybe we need to modify our existing settings. We just see a list of resources on the page with no knowledge of what each of them does.

We hope somebody will be able to explain in simple terms and we can add these new settings or modify. The ones we already have. Many thanks in advance.

Go here…

Click the [+ Add Record] button. Select CNAME from the drop down list under “Type” and enter the details you have been asked to in the boxes. Press [Save].

Repeat for each CNAME you have been asked to add.

Thanks. Is it really that simple?! I will give it a try and see if the test program then finds the “New” settings. Thank you very much.

Not sure if the results as instant? The test still shows our DNS settings are not set up correctly?

As they need to validate the CNAMEs, likely you will need to leave the entries as “DNS only” (with a grey cloud). If you see an orange cloud, just edit the entry to turn the proxy off.

Confirmed, as here…

Thank you so much. Done! After more than a month with ActiveCampaign we now have a positive test result. They didn’t mention that we needed to turn the proxy off! I will report back to them in the hopes that it helps somebody else. Now, if we could only get cloud flair to actually speed up our website, we be happy! We doublecheck that we set everything up correctly and it just doesn’t seem to have made any difference to our Google speed test. Oh well life is too short! Best wishes.

What is the domain name? You would need to check that other DNS records for your website are proxied for Cloudflare to act on your traffic.

As in the post I linked to, once ActiveCampaign has validated the CNAME you can try to proxy the records again (so Cloudflare can act on the traffic). But they may detect later it has changed so not sure.

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