Where do I view/change nameservers on host site I'm transferring from to Cloudflare

I am trying to transfer my domain to Cloudflare and it is requiring me to change the name servers on existing host site before the transfer is complete but I can’t find the name servers on host site (constant contact - now webdotcom). Not a developer…any help is appreciated!

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That sounds like the source of the difficulty. You need to update the domain’s nameservers at your domain registrar. While this is sometimes your hosting provider, if does not have to be.

Can you share your domain name so that the Community can offer you more specific answers?

Thanks for the reply epic.network

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Your domain is registered via Public Domain Registry. They only deal in wholesale, so you will have to have gone through someone, such as your webhost, to obtain the domain registration. You need to log in to where you registered your domain and replace these nameservers:

Name Server: NS1.CTCTDNS.COM
Name Server: NS2.CTCTDNS.NET
Name Server: NS4.CTCTDNS.IO

with your two new Cloudflare nameservers.

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