Where do I update my nameservers?

I need to update my nameservers and don’t know what to click on to do that.

Are you adding a domain to Cloudflare and need to set the Cloudflare nameservers?
If so, you need to set those nameservers at your domain registrar.

If you are looking to change your nameservers because your domain is registered with Cloudflare Registrar and someone has said you need to change them, then you can’t do that as using Cloudflare requires use of Cloudflare nameservers. Changing the nameservers in that case isn’t usually necessary. If you can explain what you are trying to do, people may be able to offer advice.

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2. Update your current nameserver records with the ones we have assigned to sales.com:

  1. .ns.cloudflare.com
  2. .ns.cloudflare.com

Only these two Cloudflare nameservers should be listed at your registrar. All other nameservers must be removed.

This the email I got. They asked me to update the NS with the new ones they sent me, but I don’t know where and how to do that.

They need to be set wherever you registered the domain. You can give the domain name if not sure.


OK, your domain is registered with Cloudflare. If your nameservers have changed then you have likely removed the domain and re-added it.

You will need to raise a Cloudflare Registrar ticket here and ask for the nameservers to be updated for you…

There is another user with a ticket already open on this same domain. You probably should choose one Cloudflare Community account to use to work on this issue, or at least work together in the same topic so that you don’t wind up having conflicting requests worked against each other. It will also help prevent wasteful and redundant allocation of resources that could be better used to help others who are still waiting for assistance.

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They are telling me to create a ticket with you for you to update my name severs. That’s why I’m here creating another ticket. I would love to continue speaking with Joe. Thanks. Now can someone please help me update my name servers.

Posting here is not creating a ticket, community members can’t fix this for you. To create a ticket you need to do this…

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