Where do I specify Name Servers?

Cloudflare has gotten WAY too complicated and causing all sorts of issues I can’ tfigure out. WHERE do I specify the name servers so I can stop using this ‘service’? The CPANEL has been discontinued support on my Interserver hosting. I can leave Cloudflare as registrar but too complicated to use the service. Please HELP!!!

You don’t specify other nameservers when using registrar since you can’t - if you don’t want to use Cloudflare as a registrar, transfer to a new registrar.

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That is crazy IMHO. I just want to point to my hosting service and stop using Cloudflare. It has gotten WAY too Complex and they have dropped support for the CPANEL at my hosting company ‘Interserver’. Guess I’ll transfer but I wanted to keep my registrar separate from my hosting if possible. Oh well. They will lose my business now.

Most people just crate DNS entries in Cloudflare to point to their hosting services regardless of whether they use Cloudflare as a registrar or not.


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I assume that you are referring to requirement the use Cloudflare nameservers when using Cloudflare registrar. Providing domain registration at cost is a value-added service for Cloudflare customers. That means that every domain registered actually costs Cloudflare money. It doesn’t make any sense to offer such a service to anyone who is not a Cloudflare customer.

What specifically has gotten “way too complicated” at Cloudflare? At its core, DNS hasn’t really changed a whole lot. Despite some cosmetic changes to the dashboard over the years, Cloudflare DNS and WAF still works the same way as it always has.

When I first started using Cloudflare it was simple. I just activated an optional CPANEL on my hosting service. I never had to manually set up DNS entries or fiddle with all that stuff. I just wanted simple hosting for my web sites. I moved them from Interserver to Cloudflare to facilitate that process. BUT now Interserver CPANEL no longer supports that service for some technical reason; way beyond me. For the past year or so I have had to fiddle with DNS entries that I really don’t understand and have no time to deal with. THAT has taken ME time and Cost ME MONEY. I no longer see a benefit to Cloudflare and actually it may have been a detriment. I suspended Cloudflare for a bit and my sites and sub-domains on one of my registered domains seemed to load much faster and respond faster. I have no issue with Cloudflare as a registrar, but prefer to stay with my web hosting named servers but Cloudflare won’t let me change that back.

Hi there @skipstein,

Sorry to read that you are having issues here.

As previously mentioned, you cannot set nameservers on a domain with Cloudflare Registrar.
Please refer to this tutorial on how to transfer a domain out of Cloudflare registrar:

I hope this information was useful, let us know if we can further assist you in this matter.

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