Where do I set the session duration policies?

I’m new to Cloudflare tunnel and setting up my first one but can’t see where you set session duration policies in Settings > WARP Client. The docs refer to it but damned if I can see it.

Sorry for the rudimentary question.

It’s well hidden. :slight_smile:

Settings / Device Settings / Device enrollment permissions

Thanks for replying, but I still don’t see it. Maybe I’m in the wrong place to start?
Here’s what I see when I click on the ‘Settings’ menu item in the Zero Trust Dashboard.

There’s no ‘Device Settings’ directly under ‘Settings’. There is a ‘Device Settings’ section under the ‘Warp Client’ section where I can configure settings for individual profiles, but I don’t see anywhere that I can set a session duration there.
Could you send me a screenshot of where it is?

Sorry it’s Settings | Warp Client | Device Enrollment Permissions | Manage | Session duration

Was on mobile before.