Where do i see my old DNS?

where do i see my old DNS?

Hi @cimisvendas,

Could you please elaborate on that?

when I replaced the dns on my site with the dns on the cloudflare
the old dns appeared on the cloudflare panel
however now it doesn’t appear anymore, and I don’t remember what the original dns was

Do you mean the records simply disappeared from the DNS dashboard?

You can check your Audit log to understand what really happened and retrieve information on deleted records.


In this example for the bar.com domain, you can see that the foo record, which had the value, was deleted by the user [email protected].

  • Date: 2020-02-02T04:05:06-03:00
  • User IP Address: ***.***.***.***
  • Action Details: [email protected] deleted foo.bar.com
  • Resource: Account foo.bar.com
  • Old Value:
  • Interface: UI
  • Audit Record: **********
  • Metadata:
  "Content": "",
  "Name": "foo.bar.com",
  "Zone id": "**********",
  "Zone name": "bar.com"
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as you suggested I searched on Audit Log but it didn’t work

my dns 1 is cory.ns.cloudflare.com
dns 2 gwen.ns.cloudflare.com
before I used the dns mentioned above it was not this,
I need to find out what was the original dns, the one of the web server,
for example it was something like ns1. sitename.com
ns2, sitename.com

Which wasn’t exactly what?

I suppose you have changed your domain nameservers to Cloudflare’s and don’t know with which values to configure the DNS records that point to your webserver. Is that it? If so, you need to get the server’s IP from your hosting provider.

on the hostgator website I used the DNS “name server” that the internet provider gave me
later I started using cloudflare
and now i need the DNS name server that the internet provider gave me

I don’t remember the “DNS” name server that the internet provider gave me to use on my website,
I believe that somewhere on the cloudflare website there is the name server “DNS” for my site

If the information you need was originally provided by Hostgator, then you should request it from them.

Unfortunately, as I can’t quite understand your situation, I will not be able to help you in a better way.

Hi @cimisvendas,

Perhaps this is what you mean?

When you signed up, you will have received an email with a subject like:

[Cloudflare]: domain.tld has been added to a Cloudflare Free Plan

This email will contain both your old and new name servers:


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