Where do I point my A Record?

I set up my first Cloudflare account, changed my name servers over at my hosts Cpanel and got my CNAME working but CNAME is the only record attached to the domain, so now obviously the Domain Name wont resolves. Screenshot here: https://cloud.howardolsen.com/QCsjnc


Hi @webdev11,

Your web host should have all the details of the DNS records you need for your site to work, they should be visible somewhere in their control panel and, if not, they should be able to provide them on request.

Thank you! So if this is what I get from my Host: https://cloud.howardolsen.com/UJKIZJhttps://cloud.howardolsen.com/UJKIZJ I just set the A record in cloudfalre to the same value Is that correct? Then just let it propagate.


That looks right to me :slight_smile:

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