Where do I input my domain transfer code (EPP code/Domain Authorization Code)

So here’s what happened.

I had my site: hifimidi registered and hosted through Sitelio. I ended up moving to ClickFunnels to use as a host, but had Sitelio point hifimidi to ClickFunnel. I decided I didn’t like ClickFunnel and opened an account with Kajabi. They were just right.

When I tried adding hifimidi.com to Kajabi, it said my domain was being used elsewhere. After going back and forth between Kajabi and Sitelio tech support for over a week, we finally deleted everything from Sitelio and I opened up a Cloudflare account to add hifimidi and the new nameservers.

After 24 hours, when I visited hifimidi, it went to clickfunnels! I checked the DNS records and nothing is there except for Kajabi! I don’t know what is going on and no one can help me. Any ideas? I have a domain transfer code, but don’t know where to add it.

Transfer to where? Cloudflare?

Here are instructions for transferring a domain registration to Cloudflare:

But I don’t think domain registration is the issue. You’re already using Cloudflare name servers, so your DNS records are already here and need to be updated in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Yes, I no longer use Sitelio as my registar and I need to use Cloudflare as my registrar. I’ve added hifimidi to Cloudflare, however, when I try adding it to Kajabi, it tells me it’s being used elsewhere. I’ve set the nameserve correctly as well as the CNAME. I’ve tried this for weeks.

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