Where do I get a full list of Cloudflare IP ranges?

I set up Cloudflare and as suggested, I blocked all traffic to my IP unless it comes from Cloudflare. To do so, I whitelisted the IP ranges listed here: https://www.cloudflare.com/ips/

But it seems they are not complete. Some traffic from similar IPs (173.245.52., 173.245.54.) was blocked which led to problems with the site. These ranges do not appear on the mentioned page.

Where can I get the full list of Cloudflare IP ranges? Any ideas?


If you say you have whitelisted these ranges, the IP addresses you mentioned shouldnt have been blocked as they are part of them.

Check your whitelisting.

Hi Sandro, thanks for answering. But I don’t get it. The listed IP range is

That does not include 173.245.52.xxx or 173.245.54.xxx, right?

It does. It ranges from to

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Thanks sandro, it actually was an error transferring the ranges to apache.

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