Where do I find the right nameservers?

II want to connect an external domain to cloudflare, but I can’t find the cloudflae nameservers I need to put there… I’ve seen different ones: val.ns, alice, kay.ns.cloudflare.com, etc… It’s confusing. where do I see the right ones so couldflare can validate my domain?

To add a domain to Cloudflare, it should already have name servers for your current setup. Only after you begin the onboarding process will Cloudflare assign name servers to that domain.

Out of curiosity, are there some instructions that said you need Cloudflare name servers before you add a domain to Cloudflare?


This is the first thing I see after signing up to Cloudflare. I need to put certain nameservers on my domain registerer so couldflare validate the domain and stop receiving this error, but I can’t find what those nameservers are

Are you sure you are typing in the domain name correctly? Cause when I try to reach your site, I get “DNS_PROBE_FINSHED_NXDOMAIN”!

Yeah, that’s because I don’t have a site. Just the pure domain which I’m trying to connect to Cloudflare and then connect from Cloudflare to Shopify. Unfortunately, If I can’t get the right nameservers, Cloudflare will not detect the domain.

These are the nameservers I’m using but don’t seem to work


As I said:

If your domain registrar doesn’t have a Parked Domain page, I suggest you set something up like dns.he.net with placeholder IP addresses like Then Cloudflare will let you add that domain.

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I own the domain. Is just that it’s a name registerer, not a server.

Refer to what @sdayman said

Where do you see Jay & Val as the nameservers you should use???

Those two do not match the other 2(6) shown in your other what I assume are multiple accounts(s).

Are you setting nameservers at your domain registrar?

I suspect this is a case of too many accounts on the go at the same time causing confusion. But, just to be clear, are you attempting to set cloudflare via a partner at the same time as attempting to add it directly? If adding it directly, pick two from an account you want to add the domain, add it to that account, change the nameservers and you are good to go. I was able to add it to my account no problem, it may have just been an issue with a new domain. Did you register is in last couple of days?

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