Where do I find the IPv4 and IPv6 records?

I am new to Cloudflare and I am hoping someone can help me. What do I write here and where do I find the IPv4 and IPv6 records?

I tried searching for it but without any luck. I am a newbie in here so I am hoping to get some help.

Thank you in advance :cherry_blossom: /Lise (Norway)

It needs to list any addresses that are allowed to send email for your domain. You would need to get that information from your email provider.


Hi and this might be a stupid question but do I list the email adresses? When I logg on the domain reg. I see a SPF settings, DKIM settings and DMARC-policy…

I have to enter the domain under “Domains” but where do I find /what do I fill in the IP adresses (IPv4 /IPv6) Is that something the Domain reg. should provide me with?

No, it’s the IP addresses. Only your email provider can give you that information. You need to find out from them what the content of your SPF record should be; they can probably just provide you the full value to paste in.


Thank you!!! You´re awesome! :hibiscus:


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