Where do I find my domain A records in Cloudfare's dashnboard?

Where can I find the ip address to change instead of the DNS records provided?

From the title question, I assume you are asking about the records that we can find. Here it is. Login to your dashboard and select the DNS app:

Here are a way to add and edit the ip address / records:

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Hi Neiljay, thanks for your response. However, what I am looking for are the ip addresses to use and not the DNS name servers. I cannot find these.

The IP is provided by your web host and any other service provider that you want to use with DNS. You will need to ask them.

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Well, I am trying to setup the domain in Cloudfare and they provided two Name Servers to change with GoDaddy. However, I dont want to change the name servers, I want to use ip addresses instead. I am trying to find out where I can get these ip addresses from Cloudfare to use in GoDaddy.


Well… I’m afraid this would work the way you intend. :person_shrugging: IP address instead of nameserver? Is there such provision in Godaddy? or are you trying to run your own authoritative nameserver?

You would need to use the assigned nameservers with Cloudflare. If you want your own custom nameservers, you can do this on a Business plan:


Hi Simon, thanks for the reply. I dont want to use my own custom nameservers. To change domain name settings in GoDaddy or other registrar you can do it using assigned DNS settings or by changing the ip address in the zone records. I want to know where I can get this info from my CF dashboard. Here is a sample of what I need from:

A @
A @
A www
A www

So there’s a bit of confusion here I think.

Nameservers are not the same as A records or IP addresses, they serve different purposes.

Nameservers (or NS records) tell a browser where to look to check the DNS records (A records). In order to use Cloudflare, your nameservers must be pointed at Cloudflare.

A records are the IP address themselves. You can have Cloudflare NS but GoDaddy A records.

So basically, you need to:

  • go to the GoDaddy dashboard, and select Custom Nameservers and enter the two Cloudflare ones. Ignore any messages about using GoDaddy’s.
  • then, go to the Cloudflare dashboard under the DNS tab (as pictured above) and Add Record, entering those 4 IP addresses GoDaddy gave you.

This will cause any site visitors to go to Cloudflare which will proxy your site to GoDaddy.

Hi, thanks again but if I change the name servers in my domain name registrar I loose all settings in place for A records, cname, txt, mx records. This is the reason why I need to use the ip addresses and not name serves CF provides.

That’s not how it works. If you want to use Cloudflare, you need to have Cloudflare nameservers, and only Cloudflare nameservers, assigned to your domain at your registrar. You will be managing all of your DNS records in your Cloudflare account at that point. Your previous DNS will no longer be active. This means that you will need to make sure that any records at your previous DNS provider are present in your Cloudflare DNS.

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